MilesWeb Shared Hosting

Are you looking forward to hosting your dream website?

The blog and website play an important role to get the attention of your audiences, so making it clear and creative is the primary thing that one should do.

After putting up the effort and time to create your website, you would definitely expect the outcomes from it. But, many of the new-comers don’t know that creating a website is just a first step, and the second but the important step is hosting it.

When you search for your hosting provider, make sure that you prepare all your hosting requirements’ list and search the hosting provider accordingly.

Now, when you move forward, you will notice that there are again different types of hosting available with different features and at a different cost.

So, to make your work easy I would say, that everyone, who is new in the hosting industry should start their hosting journey with the cheap Linux shared hosting.

Also, if you have a blog or hosting any website for the first time, shared hosting gets you covered by all its features. Let’s take a deep dive in shared hosting.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting, where multiple websites are hosted on a single server and they all use the same resources. That means all the websites need to share the server and resources like CPU memory, bandwidth, storage space, etc.

Users have the choice to set up multiple websites under a single hosting account as long as they do not exceed the limitation of resources set up by the provider. In shared hosting, you’ll get two different services, linux and windows shared hosting.

E.g. : It is like renting a flat and living in it with your family. There’s no restriction on anyone to wander around any corner of the room and you can call the guests as long as the flat isn’t occupied completely.

Advantages of shared hosting

Small business owners, blog owners and independent creative artists that think that their website is an essential tool to spread the message and build their brand, mostly use cheap shared hosting.

1. Shared hosting is cost effective

As you can see, in shared hosting multiple websites share resources, so this doesn’t cost you much. MilesWeb offers you shared hosting at just Rs. 50/month.

The low cost doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on its features instead, it allows you to enjoy each and every hosting feature that your website needs.

2. Using shared hosting doesn’t require any coding knowledge –

Shared hosting is the simplest form of hosting, that doesn’t require any kind of coding skills. If you ever thought of creating a website, but don’t know coding languages then, MilesWeb gives you an easy to use ‘Website builder tool’ for free.

To use this tool, you just need to create a picture of the website in your mind and drag and drop the content in the theme chosen by you.

That’s why it can also be said, that you get the simple drag and drop tool to create your outstanding website without any technical and coding knowledge.

3. Shared hosting is user-friendly

All cheap shared hosting plans from MilesWeb come with the control panel which is very easy to use. cPanel + Softaculous allow you to install different applications in just a few clicks.

As compared to other types of hosting, like VPS or dedicated, shared hosting control panel is easy to use without having any technical knowledge.

This is because you don’t need to handle the server, as it will be handled by your provider. So for beginners also, dealing with the control panel becomes an easy job.

4. Shared hosting is a resource-rich hosting

Generally, shared hosting can handle up-to 1000 visitors on a daily basis, and having these many visitors on your website may take years, so till then, you can enjoy the shared hosting plan.

For the small business, blogs and online business, shared hosting will surely provide enough bandwidth, space, and other hosting resources.

How to choose MilesWeb cheap shared hosting plans?

1) Lite Shared Hosting Plan

If you want to host a single website, or a blog then the Lite plan is a best choice for you. Lite plan costs you Rs.50/month only.

2) Deluxe Shared Hosting Plan

Deluxe plan allows you to host 3 websites and thus, comes with more bandwidth and space over Lite plan. This is a best seller plan.

3) Ultimate Shared Hosting Plan

Ultimate plan allows you to host 5 websites and thus comes with the largest disk space and bandwidth than other two plans.

MilesWeb also offers unlimited web hosting plans, in that you get Lifetime free domain + free SSL certificate and unlimited hosting resources.

The best of MilesWeb shared hosting features

No matter which plans you select, MilesWeb offers you some of the best hosting features to make your hosting journey worth.

1) Free SSL Certificate

All the hosting plans incorporate SSL certificate which ensures that your website is virus free and secure to access.

2) Free Site Builder

This easy drag and drop tool allows you to create your dream website with ease.

3) Pure SSD Storage

SSD storage makes your website to speed up by 200 times than its previous speed and this ultimately increases the performance of your website.

4) One-Click Installer

You can install over 400 applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc, in just a click using this tool.

5) Latest PHP and MySQL

All plans come with the latest version of these software, and they get updated in your system automatically, every time the new version is released.

6) Free Website Migration

The expert team from MilesWeb is always ready to migrate your website database from current provider’s server to their servers at free of cost.

7) Easy Upgradation

Anytime when your business grows and your website starts getting more visitors, you don’t need to get panic about your website downtime. The reason is that you can upgrade your plan easily with MilesWeb.


There are many times, when we think that shared hosting is of no use. But, MilesWeb shared hosting plans come with all the hosting resources that will surely make you to choose one.

MilesWeb also offer, reseller hosting, vps hosting, DigitalOcean and Amazon Cloud, dedicated hosting, SSL certificate and much more…

If you have questions regarding their hosting services just visit their website and initiate a live chat. They are available 24/7 through live chat, email and ticket.