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Living Room Design trends 2017

small living room design ideas

Fresh colours used to decorate living room are the prominent trend in 2017. One or two colours to decorate the living room and a blend of a couple of colours are the new trend. Modern living room in classic style means light braided furniture, dark walls and an in art deco design. Living Room Decorating […]

Smart Space Management For Proper Working Environment

Space management tips for small homes

Smart Space Management Tips. Home trumps work any day of the week. So, logically a home office has more benefits than any other working environment. There is no commuting, no boss watching your every move, and balancing professional and private life is a breeze. Setting up an office at home may seem difficult, but with […]

Turning Your Small Bathroom into a Spacious Looking Part of Your Home


Small rooms do not have a tendency to be very susceptible to decoration and conversion, what with the lack of space they offer. However difficult, tweaking your small bathroom into something interesting is far from impossible. You can always use the little space you have to your advantage. There are a couple of tricks you […]

Safely House Remodel That Contains Asbestos


Remodeling your house can increase the value, become more pleasing to look at, and make it more energy efficient. A lot of older houses still have products in them that contain asbestos. Any asbestos removal should be done by a professional to prevent the contamination of the entire house. Houses built between 1900 and 1990 […]

The Lazy Guide to Learning Flooring Materials


Let’s talk floors. While this topic seems to be very straightforward, it actually isn’t. Far from yesterday’s hardwood and concrete, today’s market is swamped with a number of flooring options. Ranging from traditional building materials to the contemporary, each offers its number of advantages. To the homeowner, this can present a dilemma. A flooring option […]

Fun & Inspiring Office Decoration Ideas


Office Decoration Ideas. Working in the same office, whether at a company or at home, can become quickly dull if you do not make it a place where it is fun and interesting to work. However, transforming your office into something that will support your creativity and make your more efficient can take time and […]

Bathroom Fittings Accessories to Build Bathroom of your Dreams


Bathroom remodeling scene today is full of glamorous attractions and fabulous innovations that every homeowner is likely to get distracted if one do not shop with a proper plan. By selecting the right bathroom fittings, one can build a bathroom of their design dreams. Also referred as bathroom jewellery, these Bathroom Fittings Accessories are a […]

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