Birth Control To Lose Weight

Weight Loss is very important for women. Especially after marriage and baby birth, women’s get increased weight. So, let’s know how birth control helps to lose weight. Weight gain is a main problem bothering women opting for birth control pills. Many consider that using pills over the extended period persuades excess weight and have favored other methods of preventing pregnancy. Some tried to conciliation by dropping dosage or trying to utilize pills for short duration.

According to The Online Pharmacy of Canada, unnecessary chances of pregnancy cannot be ruled out in such cases. The situation then directs to women having prejudiced view about birth control pills. Specialist view in the past did propose weight gain to be a possibility, but incidence was based on certain pre-existing situations. The observation could not be generalized for all the women.

Best Birth Control For Weight Loss

Momentary Weight Gain Should Not Bother Women

After conducting research on that, Nurture Clinic in New Delhi held clear view birth control pills did cause weight gain but was impermanent in nature. The number of alteration taking place in pregnant women may make excess weight, but this should not bother them, as the situation occurs mostly due to water preservation in the body. The provisional phase is bound to pass once the bodies adjust to modify being brought in by progesterone and estrogen contained in birth control pills.

Progestin does boost appetite. Women often give in to surplus hunger formed by hormonal changes. Weight gain is therefore a usual phenomenon. There are some of the side effects linked with birth control pills that may stimulate excess hunger. Depression takes place when problems arise in day to day life. Symptoms are more obvious when women resort to pills. The medical condition boosts appetite leading to more weight.

Avoid Weight Gain with New Birth Control Pills

Once can take Birth control pills on a daily basis beginning on the second day of the menstrual cycle which are continued all through the cycle for a period of 21 days after which a gap of seven days is observed. When people choose for the 28-day pack, there is no break introduced between two packs of medicine.

According to the survey, it is observed that women sometimes favor using the 21-day pack to evade weight gain. Some go to the extent of compromising on the number of pills to be taken, which specialists feel contributes to changes in appetite.

Best Birth Control Pill For Weight Loss

Researchers have understood the dilemma of women and have now come up with birth control pills that do not cause weight changes. The only compulsion is women acclimatize firmly to the medical regimen prescribed by medical doctor. In other words, misdeed is the only possible reason for weight gain, as analytical results are based on studies performs for pills used over a specific period of time.

If doctors recommend pills as the most favorable method of birth control, women can securely follow instructions without any tension.

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