Living Room Decoration Ideas

Owning and doing up a home is a dream for every individual. Every little boy or girl starts off by putting up pictures on his or her walls, and requesting their parents for curtains mats and sheets with their favorite cartoon characters, and grown into a person buying  a home and furnishing it so that it is closest to the vision of ‘home’ they hold close to their heart.

MyGubbbi makes it easy for you to create the home of your dreams by selecting living room and bedroom furniture online conveniently and quickly.

Living Room Decoration Ideas

Whether you are gathering to watch a movie with your family, or calling friends over for game night, you living room is an important place for you. Set it up to accommodate everything you need for a pleasant evening.

Be Entertained

A well-planned entertainment unit is something your entire family will love to assemble around regularly. A space for your television, shelves for the gaming console and DVD player, and drawers for CD’s and DVDs make an attractive and utilitarian entertainment unit.

The lover of music can choose to create space for a music system and speakers, or a home theatre too! A well-planned entertainment unit gives you family the space where they can enjoy together, building memories while the closeness and comfort family time brings!

Small, Yet Indispensable

While we seldom give thought to our shoe-rack, fact remains that an elegant and roomy shoe-rack is the first step to an organised house. Usually placed just inside the main door of the house in the living room, a shoe-rack must be able to accommodate the family’s shoes without becoming crowded or intrusive.

Choose from the shoe0racks at MyGubbi to find one which suits your needs perfectly and blends in with the decor of your room.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

A guest, who is impressed with your living room interiors, is almost sure to ask you for a tour of your bedrooms too!

Make sure you have inviting and comfortable bedroom interiors with carefully planned wardrobes, elegant bookshelves, and useful side-tables for your bed and a study table where you can finish important assignments before you head to bed.

An Office of Your Very Own

Convert a corner of your bedroom into a cosy work area with a comfortable study table.

From minimalistic free-standing study tables to ones with a column of drawers to hold everything from files to staplers and inkpots, there are a number of options available to the student or career person looking for a study table for their bedroom.

Pick one which blends into the decor of your room for a lasting solution.

Roomy wardrobes

No Bedroom is complete without a wardrobe which is large enough to pack in all your clothes, and sometimes even your shoes! Plan your wardrobes according to your dressing style to make sure you can always access what you need in them.

Indulge the Bookworm in You

Choose a stylish book- shelf for your bedroom to keep your most frequently read books on, and find time to read just before bedtime even on your busiest days!

Comfort at your Elbow

Accessorize your bed with an attractive bedside table to organize things you misplace all the time like your spectacles, car keys, or wallet, and turn this utilitarian article of furniture into an integral part of your room decor with a reading lamp or a night lamp!

Your side table gives your room an aura of comfort and is the place where you can place your alarm clock and cell- phone too!

Make your home an elegant and comfortable place by incorporating design elements which are not only utilitarian, but also aesthetically appealing. MyGubbi brings you a range of living room furniture and modular solutions which are sure to transform your home.