Mid Century Modern Living Room Idea

The status quo is always challenged whether its fashion industry or interior décor industry sometimes the status quo is challenged whereas sometimes the status is reversed back to the traditional trends. The mid-century style that once thought as outdated is now recognized by the interior decorators worldwide.

As the name indicates the mid-century era represents the extraordinary charm of that era giving space to the unique décor items and furniture that gives more of a natural look. Mid-century modern furniture is recognized by its bold colors and graphic patterns with clean lines.

The era is dominated by the colors of autumn to add warmth to the home settings. This article is for the ones who are aiming to revitalize their décor back to the mid-century while keeping it modern. The good thing is that you don’t have to panic as the article would enlist five of the easiest and achievable ways to add some mid-century elements to your home décor:

Focus on the lighting aspect of the décor:

The first easiest and warmest way of adding a mid-century touch to your home is by investing in some artistic and durable lighting pieces from ceiling lighting to the table lamp. The proper and balanced lighting will not only illuminate your space but also adds a traditional artistic flair to your décor. Lightning can be stated as the central theme of mid-century modern style. Be very wise and specific in the selection of table lamps. In the case of table lamps prefer the ones with deep curves in bold colors. In order to achieve a mid-century look, you can cover them with lamp covers to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Autumn table lamps and chandelier can also serve as a décor item of mid-century.

Add more wood products to your home décor:

The second best way to achieve the mid-century look is to add in more wood items to your home décor. The use of real wood creates a home-like feeling, and you truly feel the quotation that home is the place where your heart is. Use of natural wood is not only appealing to the eyes indeed it is the sign of luxury in the modern era. You can easily find the masterpieces of natural woods in markets. All you need to do is explore the market in depth. To give your living room a mid-century look try paneling one of its walls with wooden planks or wooden wall covers.

Use of geometric or shag rug:

The idea behind using the geometric or shag rug is their popularity in the masses in the mid-century. If you are using bold geometric and shag rugs for the floor, then avoid getting heavy on the wall décor indeed keep it simple, so it gives a balanced look to your décor. If you go heavy on the décor, it will challenge the concept of clean lines by burdening the house with décor.

Pick some abstract pieces of art for the wall décor:

Use of abstract pieces of art for the wall décor is another brilliant idea to add mid-century style to your home. Choose bold art pieces with a retro vibe and randomly arrange them on your wall. Doing so will add an element of interest and grab the attention of guest straight away. However, to maintain the elegant and divine look of the art pieces restrain from hanging too many art pieces on the wall because it will look overly filled and will destroy the look. If you don’t want to hang too many art pieces, then you can opt for a big attention grabbing statement piece.

Use white paint for the walls:

The white color never gets out of fashion. If you want to add mid-century style to your home, then paint your walls in different shades of white. The White color is associated with purity and perfection. A white background not only highlights your furniture and décor but also make it look more magnificent.

Jane Harper is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at EMFURN.com