Driving Small Cars

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What’s So Great About Small Cars?

When people begin to start families, they always start to think about getting a larger vehicle to fit all their kids stuff in. Instead, some other people like us went the other way and got a small car for our family. After previously owning a minivan, we realized that the gas, the size, and the spacious cabin seemed more inconvenient than convenient. Smaller cars always seemed much more appealing, so we ended up going with the famous, fuel-efficient, odd-looking Prius.

How does a family of 4 fit in a Prius?

You might be surprised, but two kids as well as a stroller and groceries can neatly fit in my Prius. This car is amazing. It’s the perfect family car. It saves on gas, has a push-button start, and is almost completely silent. It was love at first sight. Since it’s a hatchback, that’s where most of the space for gear, bags and strollers is used. The backseat could fit two car seats as well, along with some groceries! Even when my husband took it for a drive he agreed it’s the perfect family car. After we signed the papers for my new prius, he went back and traded in his car for one too!! If you don’t think we are a crazy family of prius lovers, then you are sadly mistaken.

2 Years Later, We Still Have the Prius

Once we were expecting our third child, we were pretty confused and lost as to what to do next. Is it possible to keep the prius love alive? Do we have to be the basic family and get a minivan or large SUV? Not a chance. The prius was staying for good. We even managed to fit three car seats in the back, even though we did have to switch to a more narrow option, but nevertheless it’s still impressive! Space wasn’t a huge deal for us since we don’t take long car rides places. I would give up space 9/10 times for not having to pump gas or worry about parking a giant tugboat of a vehicle.

Family of 5 and Counting

It’s been a month since my beloved prius has been stolen. Someone must have read my blog and finally wanted one for themselves. I was devastated and heartbroken. Due to my political beliefs and environmentally friendly motives, as well as our love for this car, we still did stick with the prius. I hate pumping gas, New Orleans’ streets are skinny, I like to “go green,” and nothing is more aggravating than when giant cars are taking up 3 spaces. I could never be that person. I was so sure I wanted this car again that we didn’t even need to test drive it. It has everything I need in terms of features, and really does make for a perfect family car. Even though all of my children don’t fit in this car, we still seem to make do with that we’ve got. Also, saving the environment is very important in today’s society, and if more people bit the bullet and drove this supposedly ugly useless car, at least the world would be a cleaner, greener place.