Tour To GOA

A former Portuguese colony for nearly 450 years is the state of Goa, which is one of the states that became the part of the nation very late. The state was annexed by the country’s armed forces in 1961, which was known as the “Liberation of Goa” and “Fall of Portuguese India”.

On comparing the state with other states in the country, it seems to be very small with an area expanding just 3700 sq km with a population of 1.4 million.

The state is an interesting mixture of Portuguese and Indian cultures, and the influence of the Portuguese is pretty much prevalent in state’s architecture, lifestyle, and the natives. Goa tourism has flourished since the time when many of the other tourist destinations that the country now has, were far-off from being called as tourist destinations.

Since, 1960 the state has been attracting a regular flow of visitors, both national and foreign national. At first they were the hippies, then charter tourists and pilgrims, and now people looking for medical treatment, people attending seminars/events, people looking for business opportunities, and people looking for a getaway from their hectic life.

Reaching Goa

The state has two prime railheads – one in Vasco and other in Madgoan. Besides, there are two Konkan railway stations. Additionally Panjim (Goan capital) has the major bus stand, connecting the state to all neighbouring states and cities, via NH 17, NH 17A and NH 4A. Finally, the state has its own airport, Dabolim, 29 km from the city.

Delhi to Goa

The distance between the two is 1497 km and you can reach the destination (Goa), in just around 2 hr and 20 min. There are direct flights and trains between the two. The lowest train fare starts from just Rs 729 with Dehradun to Kochuveli Super Express, and takes around 32 hrs to reach. Besides the direct routes, there are flight + train and flight + flight options available.

Mumbai to Goa

Distance between the two is just 406 km and the best way to reach Goa is through road. The roads are very good for road trips and this is how most people arrive the state. Besides this, there are several train and flight options available. The Mandavi Express has the cheapest train fare of Rs 224 and takes just 13 hrs.

Bangalore to Goa

if you are arriving to the state from Bangalore, then there are direct trains, buses, and flights. The distance between the two is just 406 km and it takes around 15 hrs to complete the journey by bus, on an ideal day and the fare is just Rs 650. Besides there are economical trains available going to the state? The cheapest fare is Rs 364. Finally, there is direct Bangalore to Goa flights and takes just around 1 hr to complete the journey.

The 40 plus beaches are the most popular tourist spots in the state offering everything and anything that one can find in most popular beaches in the world. These include water sports, beach houses, sea-food, and sea-side bars, restaurants, and pubs etc. Colva, Agonda, Palolem, Calangute etc. are some of the most popular beaches in the state.

Besides visiting the sandy beaches, there are several other fun and amusing places to visit in Goa. This include – Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary,the Kala Academy, Bom Jesus Basilica, Dudh Sagar Waterfall, Church of St. Catejan, the Central Library, the Goa State museum, and the Goa Science Centre and a few yet interesting old forts.

Besides these Goa is also known to have a few of the finest hotels, restaurants, bar, and night clubs. There is a wide range available in accommodation options in the state, including mid-budget hotels to the most luxurious hotels in Goa. This simply adds one more reason to why one should visit the city.


Goa is one of the best destinations where one can spend his holidays. Simply head to the state without any second thought, and use the best mediums available. One could take help from the tour companies or search the internet and make the journey comfortable.