Baby oil is not only meant for baby use, in this post we will discuss top unusual uses of baby oil other than massaging the baby. Baby oil manufacturing units use gentle ingredients to prepare this product for baby use. But apart from massaging baby hair, this baby oil product is used for many other things.

#1 You can remove latex paint from your skin using baby oil

Painters find baby oil as the best latex paint and primer remover. Latex paints and primers are very sneaky. Sometimes you can rub off like rubber cement, other times they will stick in your knuckles for several days. If you want to remove the paint instantly, try baby oil.

Rub a little baby oil onto the part of your body covered in paint with cotton ball, napkin or anything else that will absorb the oil. Do not scrub, just rub gently and once the paint is removed, you can wash the skin with little soap and water.

#2 You can use baby oil as a earwax remover

You don’t have to panic if your ear is clogged with earwax. You can simply remove the earwax by using baby oil. Just pour few drops of oil into your ears before sleeping in night. Do this for 3-4 nights. You can use ear buds to pull out the earwax. It will come out easily.

#3 You can use baby oil as a makeup remover

Nowadays, all brands of cosmetics are making waterproof range of skin care products. If you have done waterproof eye makeup and finding it difficult to remove with soap and water, you can use baby oil and remove the makeup. Just add a few drops of oil on cotton ball and rub over the makeup area. The oil will easily remove the makeup without giving any scratch.

#4 You can use baby oil as a bath oil

Just put a few drops of baby oil into the next bath you draw to leave your skin soft and smooth.

#5 You can use baby oil as a post shave oil

Men can use baby oil as post-shave oil. It works best as a layer as compared to expensive after shave lotions to lock in the freshness.

These are some distinct uses of baby oil shared by baby oil manufacturing company. You can try it and share your experience with other readers and followers.