Small rooms do not have a tendency to be very susceptible to decoration and conversion, what with the lack of space they offer. However difficult, tweaking your small bathroom into something interesting is far from impossible. You can always use the little space you have to your advantage. There are a couple of tricks you could employ in order to come up with a bathroom that looks more spacious and pleasant.

Organizing is the Key

No matter the size of a room, you can rest assured that it’s going to be much more functional and pleasant if it’s well-organized. Always keep in mind how little space you have on your hands – is that medicine cabinet really a must-have for you?

How much space will a bathtub take up and should you think about opting for a shower? Start off with the necessities and work from there. If your bathroom truly is small, start by choosing a shower, a toilet seat and a sink. Place these in corners and add extra stuff afterwards – don’t just stack the room with storage items.

If it doesn’t feel crammed now, think about place your washing machine somewhere else in your home.


Rooms painted with contrasting colors confuse the mind into thinking spaces are smaller, so maybe you should opt for same colors of a different shade, or at least matching colors like the yellow-blue-green combination. Cream tiles don’t work well with dark walls – they can cause the room to feel claustrophobic and closed-in.

Instead going for dark blue, paint the walls cream, peach, or pale blue. However, you should probably refrain from leaving the walls painted white – even though this can make the room appear larger, it has a tendency of bringing about a feel of sterility and soullessness. Leave three walls looking pale and use wallpaper on one, instead – this will breathe life into your bathroom.


Having a room well-lit is especially important when it is crammed and small. Appropriately placed lighting can make a space appear larger and therefore a lot more pleasant. If you place your wall sconces appropriately, the lighting might expand the room for you.

We suggest that you opt for dimmers, as these give you more to work with. Using the natural light source for your bathroom is always something to aim for, but these rooms tend to work more conveniently with small, tall windows, so you’ll probably need to base your illumination on artificial sources of lighting.

Don’t make a mistake of covering the little windowing you have with dark curtains and blinds, this has a tendency to close up a room. Opt for bright colors for your blinds, such as white, oatmeal or cream.

Be wary of yellow-colored ceiling lights – you wouldn’t want to feel as if you were in a bomb shelter, or a cheap hospice. Instead of this, rather opt for something more modern, something that will bring out the whiteness and brightness in your bathroom.

LED lights might do the trick here, as they provide a white-ish, bright feel to the room, thus making it feel more spacious and open. All bathroom renovations entail changing the lighting into something more modern, bright and full of life.


If you don’t have room for a medical cabinet, maybe think about placing shelves appropriately. Unnecessary furniture and floor cabinets should be removed, as well as other trivialities, such as a trash bin. Instead, think about placing another mirror – these can really expand the outlook of a room.

Turning your tiny bathroom into a cute, spacious-looking room is not all that difficult if you follow these guidelines. Now all that is left is to enjoy your bathroom visits.