Create Explainer Videos

As you have often noticed, explanatory videos or video clips are now being widely used on the Internet. Many companies, startups and service providers rely on them. The question is would you like to make your explanatory video yourself or do you commission it? There are currently countless providers on the Internet who offer services for these videos. But why not make one yourself?

Explainer videos improve traffic

An explanatory video’s sole purpose is to draw attention towards yourself, your business and/or your blog. Users prefer to watch videos more than reading long text. The videos ensure that users stay longer on your site. If you have an appealing video on your home page that arouses interest, you will have a significant edge over your competitors. The average length of stay on a website with text but without video is significantly less than a minute. With a video, this duration increases to several minutes, which is good for search engine ranking.

Create your own explanatory video – but in which style?

As an alternative to outsourcing video editors for your explanatory video, there are some service providers who offer software for explanatory purposes. Here you should be aware of the type of videos you would like to have for your company. Should it be drawn in the video, should the graphics be laid by one hand or do you want to have something else entirely? Furthermore, the style is important. Would you like to produce a Circartoon in color, animated characters or a simple whiteboard style video? The latter, incidentally, is the best in most of the cases, as far as time and attention are concerned. The reason is simple, because here pure information is presented without much frills and the user can concentrate on the essentials.

Which Software Should Be Used To Create Explainer Videos


The models of the programs for producing explanatory videos are different. GoAnimate, for example, relies on colorful, animated cartoons on a colored background. The stripped down version of this explanatory software is available for $39 monthly. It is not possible to include your own logo here. The premium version costs $159 per month. With this you can create unlimited explanatory videos yourself.


Another good program is  Powtoon. It also focuses on animated cartoons and colorful pictures. A free version is available so you can test it. However, these Powtoon free explanatory videos are provided with a logo that you will not get away with. Furthermore, you have no rights to publish these videos. The basic version costs $59if you want to pay monthly or $228 if you pay annually. For the premium version, $127 a month or $708 a year are called.


This software comes in English and is easy to use. As for the cost, you could buy it back then for $39. In the meantime, an annual fee of $57 is due. In comparison, it is still the cheapest product.

The design is in whiteboard style, so you can create black and white 2D graphics on a white background. There are some colored, prefabricated layouts, with which you can however create something very own.The good thing about this explanatory video software is that you can insert your own photos, logos and other self-drawn graphics that are inserted or drawn by one hand. Almost everything is adjustable. For most people, this program is a clear recommendation. If you are not satisfied with the graphics, you can choose from countless additional upgrades, also in color, which costs, in most cases, between $9 and $39. So you should be able to do some things.

Take your time, if you want to make your own explanation video!Whichever option you choose depends ultimately on the level of your budget and on the time you want to invest.If you decide to take this project into your own hands and want to create the explanatory video yourself, definitely take the time to do it.

Finally, you should select a matching, unobtrusive melody for the background. There are several websites where you can download license-free melodies. Please ensure that this is approved for commercial use.You can insert both melody and the speaker voice with Explaindio and adjust the action times in parallel.

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