Unique Homemade Christmas Gifts

Visiting Gift Shop for Christmas Gifts is Habit for Gifts Selection. BUT have you ever thought to make Unique Homemade Christmas Gifts for your loved once and surprise them with it! Yes, I am going to share some Best Ideas for Unique Homemade Christmas Gifts and Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas.

Christmas Star Candles

This is what which very simple idea is. You just need to buy few candles of different colors and metal star which are easily available at craft or stationary shops. You need to press metal star in candle leaving some distance from one another. Spray perfume on it and wrap it with printed ribbon to give it a pleasant look. Isn’t it so simple?

Christmas Cinnamon Candles

You can decorate candles with hot glue cinnamon sticks. You need to buy pillar candles for this project because hot glue will be poured onto the candle. Tie a bow with a stud metal to make it more presentable. Wrap it with costumed ribbon saying ‘Merry Christmas’.

Christmas Cake

Why don’t you make your Christmas cake yourself? If you are ready then you need to bake it for at least 4 to 5 weeks before the big day. Prepare your cake dough with some tutti-fruity. You can also add some brandy to make it more delicious. You can give any shape to your cake. Different shaped-utensils are easily available in market. For decoration, buy different types of icings and creams (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are mainly used). Also buy some cake boxes to pack them well.

Best Christmas Cookies Packaging ideas / Homemade Christmas Food Gifts Idea / Best Christmas Cookies & Gifts 2017

Christmas Cookies can be the best option if you don’t like bake cake. You can also try some fruit pudding and chocolate truffles and they are very easy to make. You just need to buy some different flavors of creams and fruits. Food gift are always appreciated on festive occasions. Foods Gifts also include decorate jars, baskets and boxes. Costumed ribbons and food plates are the best to present your dishes.

Christmas Wind Chimes, Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Employee, Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas

You can make wind chimes with the help of cups and wires. This is very easy to make. You just need to string the cups in such a manner that they vary in lengths. Do not forget to paint the cups in an eye catching color. Decorate with red and white ribbons and sparkles. Everyone likes humming Christmas carol on the big day so, how why don’t you apply it as an idea? Making a CD or DVD of Christmas Carols will be very creative. You can either sing or record your own voice or can download them from internet. You can also take help from your family members in singing the carols. I am sure your friends will appreciate your unique gift.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Employee

Let your Kids help you as well. Christmas holidays can be utilized in making gifts for your friends and family members. Engage your kids in making photo frames, pot holder kids, framed drawings, canvas paintings and many more. Surprise your friends on this Christmas with ultimate handmade gifts. Below is the list of few other handmade Christmas gifts. You can also try topiary tree with some dried flowers and ribbons. Use artificial flowers to decorate it and try to make a bunch of flowers around it. You can also use green ribbons to cut out leaves to make it more attractive.

So, what are you waiting for? Select few of above options and start working on them as Christmas is not so far. Good Luck