Artificial intelligence

AI is transforming the life of every person on earth. It has invaded in our life just like cancer that gets into the body slowly and gradually.

For example, AI in room décor, in machines and also in work place. Now, many seen educators in many countries have added AI in classroom setting, not just those teachers teaching patterns has changed drastically.

Talking about higher education is now influenced by Artificial intelligence; so many universities have indulged in such technology that makes learning more easily.

As, the world is moving towards the ‘technophobia’ phase where everyone is having problem about will the AI, VR and IOT devices be next digital humans.

We have seen a popularity gains in Online University where Universities like Stanford professor had introduced Udacity. These online platforms have courses set for students who are unable to attend universities.

Even we are observing online platforms have added the course of introduction of AI and it has seen many have registered for this subject.

160,000 registered for the online class and this course is set for different language up to 44 where customised learning can be spread through the region.

What plans ahead of the future of education through AI

Well, if we talk about AI coming through the places of Pakistan then it is not wrong. Dr Alvi has involved the researchers and department of paediatrics and child health to discuss about the matter of technology advancement.

He has addressed the importance of artificial intelligence in education and hospitals. Our government want to make plans related to how AI can help us achieve health care targets under the sustainability development goals.

The thesis writing service has created AI software to give an edge to the writing team and detect there performance through this software.

Through the AI tech we can build a child protection channel that can ease the life of them. The government is making efforts in improving the health care with projects building up so that every child in Pakistan can be fit and health.

Is Raaji a best friends for rural women

What is Raaji? Is it a human or an AI technology?

Well, this software is just like a Google assistant, works and functions just like that.

This has made the life of rural women easier as it has transformed the health of education pattern completely. This innovation technology is Chatbox has the potential of having content for educational purpose, information and communication technology and even aware women for the women’s reproductive health.

The person founded this remarkable invention is the women, entrepreneur and a journalist Saba Khalid. She is very much concern about will Raaji is able to be friend with rural women.

According to copy writing service, they have also experiment Raaji the chatbox software that can mimic like human and has the ability to recognise voices and face with the help of artificial intelligence.

This AI device was built to empower women and give a position in a society with honour and dignity. The non-technical device is just for the rural areas women who are not able to use such technical devices.

The questions asked by this Raaji AI software is how to tackle the reproductive health problems and find ways to spread education.

AI has comes to the doors of Pakistani universities

Many of you must have think AI coming to our country means AI is invading our classrooms. Just like other countries schools and universities would be full of gadgets and AI software to tackle problems related to learning.

The students’ performance would be mores easier to detect and teacher’s manually updating the curriculum, class marks and attendance would be done through AI.

Obviously, this all stuff would be available time to time. The article writing service has added a touch of AI in the writing department to get help by it.

Today, in Pakistan you will are seeing a change as technology has invaded to development countries. Now, is the turn for Pakistan and developing nation taste the fruit of AI in universities?

The good news is the AI education is mow enrolled in University of NUST. The national university of science and technology has announced to add artificial intelligence in the degree program of computer science.

This degree program let you to discover the knowledge of machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence.

A new hope for education

As everyone knows Pakistan is suffering from whole educational disputes. The children enrolment policies, to fees of education are instantly high time to time and discrimination.

Moreover, the educational learning is still traditional as typical method of injecting information out of books is the norm. The challenges for Schools and Universities are to adopt the technology innovation to different educational platforms.

This has urged the need of artificial intelligence to cater all the problems being located throughout the years.

The setback for those policy makers and educators who implement system to integrate traditional mind of scratching knowledge out of something, which has been created 10 years ago.

But the youth of this country is not living at the stone age years. The time is changed the world has evolved into a fourth revolutionary stage.

The children out there are digital age humans who can face challenges and be prepared to grab opportunity when comes. Just the support of policy makers and government can made this dream come into reality.

Wrapping up

AI has set its wings to the country of Pakistan and started to change the mind set of educators. Not just that government is taking initiative to invest on such technological projects.

The government has allocated 1.1 billion dollars projects on artificial intelligence where 6 universities are selected to implement technological learning as a course subject.

These Universities would be subsidised to create AI laboratories amount of 7o to 75 million that would be structured for injecting technology into it. The 36PHD professors would be working in these Labs to accommodate learning for students.

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