kitchen furniture design ideas 2018

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in your house. It is in the kitchen where the essential part of household works like food preparation is entirely and thoroughly done. Hence, it is a good idea if you design a functional kitchen to do your kitchen work efficiently and for you to have ample space to move around the area.

The best way to have a workable kitchen is to place your furniture in such a manner that you can access kitchen essentials just within your reach. You can see in a modern kitchen essential furniture pieces such as counter tops and cabinets, among other furniture pieces. For you to know more about what furniture pieces you should have in your kitchen, take time to read this article.

Hanging Pot Rack

For you to save space, it is a good idea to choose a hanging pot rack for your pots and cookware. A pot rack is good for you to have easy access to these items and it will also make your kitchen look organized. A hanging pot rack is very functional for your kitchen because you will not have any difficulty looking for a frying pan, for example, whenever you need it. It is also easy to install and can function as a decor in your kitchen if you choose those pot racks with stylish designs.

Kitchen Island with an Eating Bar

Kitchen islands are great to solve the problem of not having enough kitchen counter space. They also provide extra storage and seating if you want to dine in the kitchen. Just add some bar stools, and you can already have your breakfast on your kitchen island. Aside from the function, a kitchen island also makes way for an excellent kitchen design. Choose a kitchen island that can complement the design of your kitchen.

Bar Stools

After you have the kitchen island, it is essential to add seats on it. It is where bar stools come into your kitchen space. You can find bar stools made up wood or some other popular metals, and you can opt for upholstered bar stools or not. Putting bar stools in your kitchen is an excellent idea for kitchen work such as food preparation and dining in the kitchen.

Kitchen Buffets

Kitchen buffets resemble sideboards but, as the name suggests, you should display them in the kitchen. And they provide both function and aesthetic. For example, they are very functional for placing foods and drinks. Kitchen buffets also come in elegant and stylish designs which can turn your ordinary kitchen into something attractive. In general, kitchen buffets come in a marble or granite counter top, which is ideal for displaying your most prized kitchen wares. But if you want to have a kitchen buffet that can blend into your traditional kitchen, a wooden kitchen buffet is a good option. Wooden alternatives also have drawers to store your odds and ends.

Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen cabinet is essential to any kitchen space. Whatever the kitchen designs, whether it be traditional or modern, you need a storage space to place your kitchenware. When choosing kitchen cabinets, you should make sure that it is durable and heat-resistant. As you already know, the temperature in your kitchen varies, especially when you are cooking. Temperature can go up, and it is essential that your kitchen cabinet can withstand the heat. You can, of course, get a design of your kitchen cabinet to add up style to your kitchen space. Kitchen cabinets come in various fixed styles and designs, but you can opt for a customized one if you want to achieve a kind of character to your kitchen.

Appliance Garage

Well, an appliance garage is just like a car garage, only that what you store in this garage is your kitchen appliances. If you have a fruit blender, for example, that you do not always want to see in plain sight, you can house this machine in this garage. It is an excellent furniture piece to save space in your kitchen.

Kitchen Drawers

Yes, drawers. Did you visit a kitchen without drawers? For sure, you did not. Drawers are the ultimate kitchen furniture for storage. For one, drawers are user-friendly. You will not need squatting or bending down to look for the kitchen item you want. You just need to pull out the drawer, and you can access that kitchen item. They come out handy to users, especially those who have back pains. On the other hand, drawers are flexible. There is what you called a deep drawer that can hold your large pots. And there is the full-extension drawer that allows you to open it all the way to see and get a kitchen item.


Equipping your kitchen with furniture is important. Aside from the function your furniture gives, it can also add up to the style of your kitchen. Therefore, you should take much thought on what furniture pieces you want for your kitchen. For stylish and durable furniture, you can visit sites like Focus on Furniture.

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