Small Business SEO Strategie

Regardless of the size of a company, every single one needs to work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let’s say that you’ve already started your local business, got yourself some customers and you are finally ready to expand and announce your presence. There’s no better way to advertise than to become visible in social media. Below are some useful tips and points of interest that every small business should consider, and by following them you will most probably get ahead of the competition.

Define your shop’s niche

One of the first and most important steps in the growth of your business is finding the appropriate niche. When you know where you are on the market, it will be easier to explain to costumers why are your products or services unique. This way, you’ll have better chance to rank higher in search results. Don’t get discouraged if your niche is the same as some multi-national company’s. If you do this step properly, you’ll be able to compete with them locally, and with a little bit of luck, take over a lot of their customers.

Know your costumers

Another important part of building your SEO is by knowing who are you selling to. The best way to target your audience is by using keywords. Try to be very specific while writing your content and social media announcements. Good practice for recognizing your ideal customer is to create your buyer’s persona. Give them the name, age, occupation. Try to think like them and list reasons why they want to use your product or service. Once you’ve found out who is your targeted audience, you’ll be better at communicating with them.

Make your company recognizable

The best way of achieving this is by branding. Therefore, work on your logo and visual identification, and your tagline as well. If you do this part of the job right, the search engines will know who you are and your company’s going to rank better. Great way to improve your branding is to start blogging and appearing in social media frequently. You just need to be present and share your experiences and expertise.

Work on your content

Writing a high-quality content will surely boost your business’ SEO. The experts from GWM SEO Sydney recommend sharing your goals with customers, talking about how you started the business and who is involved in it. Your buyers would like to get familiar with you and your company. That’s the reason why sharing is a crucial step in your firm’s development. Don’t forget to include keywords in your content, with special emphasis on your local area. Therefore, use mid-tail keywords where you’ll include the name of your area.

Why should you share content on social media

There are a lot of reasons for doing this. Of course, the main reason is to advertise the services that you provide. Think of social media platforms as build boards for businesses, where everybody can stop by and get informed about the company. If someone sees and likes what you are selling, they’ll share your post and the word will spread. The potential of getting viral is the detail that makes social media great opportunity for business growth. It’s self-explanatory that your SEO will get better if people are talking about you and that will most probably lead to new customers.

Consider local ranking factors while improving SEO

There are numerous factors that can affect your local rankings. One of them is your address details (NAP). Make sure to contact your web developer about this and they’ll know how to do the rest of the job. You may as well add your city and state in the heading of your page, which may help with easier recognition. You should use the same NAP details on all platforms that you use for marketing.

Consider using Google My Business as well. This tool will be the most valuable addition to your endeavors to rank high in your geographical area. This service allows your customers to leave a review about your company. Good reviews will boost your traffic and bad ones will help you to improve. Because of that, make sure to maintain reviews on daily basis.

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, emphasize on making your local business visible by branding and researching the market. Don’t forget to be frequent on social media platforms by posting quality content, and of course, consider using a few tools which will help you to rank better in your area. If done right, your business’ SEO will improve which will lead to increase in your revenue and profit.