Comforting Stylish Bedroom

Your master bedroom should feel and look likes a sanctuary. You should see to it that you can create a relaxing space for sleep while outfitting a bedroom design that is stylish. But, the question is, how you can create a bedroom that is both functional and attractive.

Even the smallest change can transform your ordinary bedroom into something awesome. From toning down the color scheme with calming pastels to adding eye-catching accents like a satin bedcover, you can now make your bedroom stunning. In this article, I have gathered some design ideas to make your bedroom a comfortable, stylish space for sleep.

Make It Awesome with Striped Walls

You can create a unique master bedroom with just four simple elements in mind: the chair, bed frame, artwork, and wallpaper. For example, a stunning vertical black and white stripe on the wall makes for a vibrant simplicity. Complement the black and white wall stripes design with the geometric shapes of the headboard and foot rail. Go for flooring treated with wonderfully rich wood stain with white chair and get ready to see your simple yet stunning bedroom.

Bedroom with Pretty Light Green Wall

The bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom. When you have a beautiful bed, you will not worry if the space of your bedroom is small. You can look for a reclaimed bed that has its original design, and you can customize it to suit a modern bedroom. Match an iron bedstead with simple furniture pieces to conjure up a classic style of interior. Then splash a calming light green color on the wall and the bedspread to bring up a touch of modernity to the overall bedroom style.

White is Not the Absence of Color

Along with pastel, blue, and light green, white also creates a comforting effect to your bedroom. You can retain the calming color scheme by furnishing the room with a white, antique cabinet that has glass-front drawers. Put a vibrant artwork on top of the cabinet like a painting of roses and an arrangement of real flowers on vases. Make sure that the centerpiece, which is the bed, has an all-white color scheme. Then hang a small-sized chandelier over the bed to complete the style of the bedroom.

Nautical-Striped Elegance

Do you want to know the secret on how to create a nautical-inspired bedroom that does not go overboard? Well, just use blue and white stripes to achieve that purpose! You can take advantage of blue-and-white stripe design on the bedspread, rugs, and pillows. Make sure to vary the widths and shade of the stripes. For example, you can apply thin blue and white stripes on the bedspread and the pillows while matching thick stripes on the rug. Then place a white bedside table with a red table lamp on top of it.

A Rustic Sleep Sanctuary

Exposed timber bed frame, wooden cabin-inspired furniture, and a light-dappled window space will make your bedroom an ultimate rustic retreat. Then hang floral-themed curtains on the window and a classic wildlife print on the wall. A bedroom design like this one will surely get you both the comfort and style.

Cheerfulness in Coral Pink

The color scheme of the bedroom can make or break the room’s style. Therefore, you should put much thought into the color to make your bedroom look attractive. You can make your sleep sanctuary look smart by getting a splash of a coral pink color scheme on it. Vary the shades of pink on the bed sheets, pillows, and blankets. This color scheme will look perfect if your wall and flooring is pale grey. Then add coral pink wallpaper on the strip of the wall above the headboard to complete the style accent.

When Traditional and Modern Style Meets

Do you want to combine the traditional and modern style for your bedroom? Well, you can utilize the magic of cream, white, and rich brown color combination for this purpose. Modern furniture decorated with cream, white, and brown color is ideal if you want to add a touch of modernity to a traditional bedroom. A stylish sofa will also add sophistication to this kind of bedroom design. Also, do not forget to have a contemporary four-poster bed as a centerpiece.


Putting much thought into the design of your bedroom is important. The style of your bedroom will reflect your personality, and it will also provide comfort and function that will suit your needs. Of course, it is in your authority on how you want your bedroom to look, but you can follow these ideas above to get you started.

Yassi Parrish is a home improvement blogger and single mom. She writes topics about tips on DIY home improvement projects and design ideas for an ideal bedroom. She also browses Beds Online to keep updated on the latest beds and mattresses that will give anyone a good night’s sleep.