marvelous house designs

Who doesn’t want to have a luxurious home which looks no less than a celebrity’s villa or any five-star hotel? And to make that actually happen most of you hire a pro or allow your so called “inner-designer” to express your art by opting for various home decor artifacts, show pieces, DIY ideas etc. But, the fact is that it’s very tough to find out the best ways which can lead you to have such a opulent interior-decor that can leave all your guests awestruck when they visit your home.

So, today I will clear your perplexed air and jotted the most effective ways through which you can create that deluxe and elegant home.

The appropriate colour scheme comes first

To start with the head-to-toe makeover, the first step which you can take is to create a palette. You should decide a basic colour scheme for the entire house first and then proceed with other specific rooms. You shouldn’t include too many colours because that will give a messy look to your house. Just go for some certain colours that you like, for example, royal blue, soft orange, grass green, etc, and apply those colours in different ways in different rooms to give them a unique look.

Put the high-priced pieces in the front or centre

If you intensely love any artefact or furniture for which you have even spent a huge money, then make sure that should properly display it in your home. Also, ensure that the place where you’re keeping that particular piece of art perfectly suits the backdrop. For instance, you can keep the antiques and unique piece of art in the most-used room like the living room and not in any corner of your bedroom.

Window trims should be colourful

Window trims are one of the most overlooked things in your home but these should be one of the prominent things to be take care of. So, make sure that your window trims have a splash of colours. You can act a bit smart and can paint it green to match it with the alluring landscapes outside. And also you can apply a coat of black colour in those trims to avoid muntins, especially during the evenings.

Warm up a specific room with beautiful mirrors

Mirrored panels are something that looks totally elegant when incorporated in any part of your house. But, make sure that you don’t put it on wall plainly. It’s because huge sheets of mirrors will look very commercial while undermining the artistic look. So, go for a multidimensional pattern in a typical frenches style instead.

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Enhance the neutral decors

Neutral decor is just something which should be mind blowing when it comes to renovating your home and giving it a brand new opulent look. You should include a wide-array of materials in such decor. It can be anything starting from the fine gauge and open-weave linen, raw-silk to various types of velvets like cotton, distressed, etc; everything will make the neutral decor more and more beautiful. You can further make the look splendid by including a perfect contrast of matte sheens and lustrous sheens which will absorb and reflect the light respectively.

So, just consider these tips and give your home a grand look like never before! I can assure you that on doing all these aforementioned things, your home will certainly be eye-catching for one and all.

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