trip to thailand

The current months are the best of the year to enjoy Thailand in summer clothes while in Europe it is cold

Thailand’s beautiful tropical beaches are a dream destination for any travel lover, and a picture-perfect landscape. It’s also worthwhile to visit during these months of the year when the weather in Thailand is warm but not stiflingly hot, and the monsoon season is avoided.

The ideal is that the trip is organized by good professionals who know how to guide us so that the experience is unique and that we can dedicate ourselves only to enjoy. Thalassatour organizes, for example, tours in small groups in the province of Krabi, in the south coast of the country, probably one of the most photographed beaches in the world and one of the main tourist destinations with a huge hotel offer and many activities to do, because Thailand is much more than beaches.

In Krabi you’ll find a more familiar and quiet refuge, with wide beaches surrounded by high limestone cliffs. Its beaches aren’t usually crowded with tourists and the sunsets are magnificent. In its crystal clear waters you can see coral reefs and tropical fish, which can be combined in the same day with its impressive inland rainforest.

Custom-made trips

This country can also surprise with its particular culture and nature. The temples are a gift for the senses, and this is accompanied by the friendly character of its people and a magnificent gastronomy (although it’s advisable to learn the words “Mai Phet” meaning “not spicy” as the concept of spicy in this country can be very different from ours).

Thai gastronomy is immense and it’s worth going out of the classic “pad thai” and experiment a little further. And to make the most of all this, it’s best to be advised by experts who have experience in organizing trips in Thailand, in order to make magical tours safely.

A unique experience

A trip to Thailand can be approached as a spiritual journey, but it can also be an adventure, simply a leisure and relaxation trip or a perfect trip for a couple. Whichever way you approach it, Thailand is always worthwhile and is a guarantee of ultimate relaxation. It’s an ideal destination compared to others, among other reasons because this country is comfortable and easy to travel if well organized. Arriving in the country loaded with luggage and trying to improvise isn’t a good idea. It’s best to move with a company that offers certified local guides.

There’s a lot to see and do in this country. Places like Krabi, Phi Phi or Phuket offer a magical world bathed by crystalline waters and that adapts to the desires of any traveler. In these places you can also enjoy water activities or its wonderful nightlife. During the day, the traveler can delight in its nature or enjoy its remote beaches with absolute relaxation. Another of the highlights of this destination is that it adapts to all budgets, being able to find accommodations from 10 euros a day to the highest prices of luxury resorts.

The important thing is to make the most of the destination by taking the excursions and visits that will make the difference, such as boat or catamaran tours, or guided excursions to the best temples in the country, which are the best way to enjoy the experience.