Desert Safari Jaisalmer

Rajasthan, one of the largest states of India is popularly known as the land of kings and emperors. Owing to its impeccable beauty and hospitality, it makes one of the captivating tourist destinations. It comprises of palaces, forts, temples, museums, and wildlife sanctuaries. Thus, there are a number of reasons to visit such a fascinating place.

Keep reading to get an insight of few reasons of visiting Rajasthan.

Beautiful Forts and Palaces

Rajasthan is the perfect to adore the beauty of forts and palaces defining the glorious past of our country. These palaces bring alive our childhood stories related to prince and princesses as their tradition is still preserved in the ancient walls.

You can explore the plethora of palaces in Rajasthan including Lake Palace, Amber Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jai Mahal and many other forts. Here you will get an opportunity to witness the magnificent artistry, architecture and paintings of ancient India.

These forts and palace takes back you into ancient times and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the traditional culture of our country. Rajasthan holds a rich cultural and historical legacy.

Known as Pink City

Jaipur is popularly known as Pink City owing to the usage of pink shade stones for the development of its structures. The Indian history tells us that Jaipur city has used pink stones for its construction. When Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India in 1876, the entire city was painted pink to welcome the visitors. This has made the city a beautiful location for art and culture. You can even buy unique gems from the markets of Jaipur.

Make your visit comfortable by booking Rajasthan private tours and enjoy the beauty of the wonderful city.

Amazing Art and Culture

Rajasthan is blessed with delightful creativity and amazing use of artistic colors. You can witness the art designs made of stones, clay, leather, brass, glass, gold, textiles and ivory. The Hatodi region in Rajasthan is a hub of cave paintings and stone sculptures which are the perfect evidence to the artistic beauty of the 10th century.

The place also holds a royal background of the Rajputs who once ruled out the country. Rajputs loved art and culture which reflects in the city. The paintings displayed the beauty of vibrant colors. Another amazing thing about the place is the jewelry signifying the tradition of Rajasthan. You can buy timaniyan, rakhri, bala, bangles, gajra, gokhru and other ornaments illustrating the beauty of Indian women. Apart from this, men also wear chockers and earrings.

Desert Safari

Imagine yourself walking through the yellow sands under the blazing sunlight. Indeed, it is an alluring place in Rajasthan. Away from the noise and pollution of the city, Desert Safari is the best place to spend your holidays. You get a chance to see the shifting sand dunes moving along the wind. As the sun slowly settles down, it lowers the temperature, making the evening relaxing and calmer. Book your trip to Desert Safari in Jaisalmer and enjoy the breathtaking view. At Desert Safari, take a camel ride through the desert sands, the local food, and cultural dance performances are others things to enjoy to spend an amazing vacation with family.

Splendid Hotels

Book the lavish heritage hotels of Rajasthan to experience its culture and tradition. These forts and hotels were converted to the hotel to retain the royal atmosphere. Here you can see the amalgamation of traditional culture with modern facilities and benefits. You will experience living the life of a prince or a princess in these heritage hotels.


When you visit Rajasthan the only wildlife you can think of is a camel. However, despite less greenery, Rajasthan provide shelters to a huge number of animals and birds. The place contains green, deciduous forests and wetlands giving it a perfect environment for many plants and animals. Many endangered species are also preserved in the forests of Rajasthan.

Book your travel to Rajasthan and witness the boundless beauty of the Indian tradition and culture.