Home Decor Designer

Is there any fixed process to follow when it comes to home interior designing? Any experienced designer you interact with, will let you know that they don’t follow any specific rule or guidelines for the process. Definitely, they take inspiration from different interior décor ideas. It all depends on how creatively one can think and implement the ideas. Following the intuition of the heart is crucial in this aspect. However, if you are planning to decorate your home interior areas, ensure that the approach taken is up to the mark.

Here are few essential tips to make the home interior decoration better and appealing.

#1 Pick the right paint color, but it must be the last stage of decoration

Surprised? Picking the paint color right at the beginning may create some limitations to the designing part. It may not be the ideal option to consider. There are limitless options available when you go out to pick the colors. There are different shades, tones and tints for every single color you would find in there. Remember, each one of these color tones will look different from one home interior to another. It is mainly because of the varying light sources that reflect on the walls to create the ultimate impression.

What may look great on your wall would never come with assurance to look perfectly rippling on your neighbor’s house interior. You would always look for shades that can best complement your artwork, rug, upholstery and everything that’s used for interior decoration purpose. Picking the color can be done best, if the home décor items are actually present in the interior space.

#2 Create some free space for the furniture items to let breathe 

It would never be a great idea to overcrowd the room with furniture and other items. Keep some free space to let the furniture items breathe. For that perfect gracious living, you need to maneuver some space with much ease.  Never fill the space with lots of furniture items. Rather, have fewer but great quality and unique designer furniture pieces. This will make the interior home furnishing Mumbai look sober and breathable.

#3 The height of artworks must be appropriate

You must ensure that the artworks are placed at the right height. Visit any museum or gallery and you would find artwork being hanged or placed perfectly at the mid-line, while being 55-60 inches from the floor. This ensures for the best of the viewing experience. If you have a room with high  ceilings, there can be some kind of eagerness to hang the artwork higher. But remember, the artwork placement distance must depend on the level of the human eyesight and not on the scale of the structure.

#4 Being too theme-oriented can prove to be harmful

Please, don’t be too theme oriented. You will end up lacking the individuality and uniqueness. Try to look for fusion settings without congesting the interior space. Take reference from different themes, but don’t consider any single option for the entire home interior. Integrate a couple of themes to create something unique and innovative.

You must select the right star to make it the perfect focal point for anchoring your room. The other items will play a secondary role in the process. If you plan to make every single item take the focal point of attraction, the ultimate result would be creating a dull visual noisy scenario.