Travel guide to Punakha Bhutan

Carefully caressed by the Himalayas is Asia’s most joyful place- the little country of Bhutan.

The Empire of Bhutan is also ranked as the 8th most joyful place of the world. And in this little package of joy is the relaxing place known as Punakha.

Stunningly scenic nature, peaceful and relaxed rich waters, enjoyable residents and yes- the huge Himalayas, need more why you should get away from the incredibly filled routine?

This former capital of Bhutan is one of the edges of the fantastic elegance triangular other two being Paro and Jakar. Believed to be one of the tourist’s preferred, you will really like it in Punakha. The national objective being helping the total national pleasure, this is one position that will definitely allow you to happy!

Get in

Punakha has no airport of its own and you have to get on a plane to Paro- the only airport from the country. Drukair is the only air travel that functions in the country and there are several flight tickets from Thailand, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Singapore. The most enjoyable journey is the one from India via Nepal as you can get a look at the Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Kanchenjunga. You can then take taxis from the Paro worldwide airport to get to Punakha.

Alternatively, you can also take a journey to Guwahati, India or the Bagdogra worldwide Airport. A cab will take you to Thimphu, the main area of Bhutan.

Buses and cabs are available from Thimphu to Punakha at an affordable price. There are shared cabs which decrease the stand up even more.

Visa and Permit

For Indians you don’t need a get a charge in advance to get in Bhutan. You can get the permit on arrival, either at Phuentsholing or at Paro. You will originally get a permit for 7 times at Phuentsholing and using it you can check out only Thimphu and Paro. To keep more or check out other limited locations which I frequented like Haa area, Punakha or Bumthang, you need to resume your allow in Thimphu. The migrant’s workplace is situated at Norzin Lam in Thimphu.

Punakha Dzong

The Punakha Dzong, often generally known as the ‘Palace of Happiness’, is the second earliest and second biggest dzong in Bhutan. This amazing symbol of Bhutanese spiritual structure rests right at the confluence of the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu waterways and is perhaps the most apparent key to opening Punakha’s tricks.


Multi-day hiking is pricey. The price is around $150-$200 a day. It is because of very strict guidelines regarding hiking and disposal of human wastes. There are lot of possibilities for half-day hikes which doesn’t need books. You can also try out bike riding and there are lot of wonderful paths available throughout the country. Mountain bikes are available for complete day lease and the price is around Nu 1000 per day.

Rivers and Lakes

Most of the standard water systems (either waterways or lakes) are viewed as to be holy locations. Damaging them or tossing rocks or rubbish into them is known as a serious violation, so take care of them. Fishing is also banned in most locations.