Fun, party and nightlife plays a major deciding role while choosing for a destination to travel to. People take a vacation or break to escape from their monotonous life and live a little and what better way to shake that off other than a dance floor?

This article talks about The Top 5 cities to visit for amazing nightlife in India.

India has a population of a staggering 1.2 billion people, out of which most of them are youngsters. Although discos have been around for quite some time in India, the craze for nightclubs have not been popular as it is today until a few years ago.

While most of the cities have adopted and embraced this new trend and have a huge array of nightclubs spread across its city, some places are still very much conservative about the whole night club scene so if you are looking for some good fun you ought to know which cities to go to. Mentioned below are the top five places to party your heart out.


Although not an indian ‘city’, come to this place during its peak seasons and you will have your brains blown off. The beach parties in this place is so happening that it draws tourists from all over the world. Unlike many places in India, even mtop major cities, where nightclubs are compelled to close by a certain given time period, before of a little after mid-night, this place parties till the sun down goes and continues till it rises up again. Goa genuinely characterizes the term nightlife.


Bangalore is also well known for its nightlife. Bangalore evenings are wild and tasteful in the meantime. Bangalore has an insane night culture and houses around 200 bars and clubs. The focal M.G Road/Brigade road zone is known for having more than 40 bars. Some of the best clubs and bars are also situated in the top five star hotels. The only letdown of Bangalore nightlife is that the curfew is short and bars and clubs shut down much sooner than anywhere else, especially during the weekdays. To pull an all nighter, hop on one of the Bangalore to Goa flights and spend a fun, crazy weekend.


Delhi’s nightlife charms the travelers. Delhi’s is insane for clubbing, celebrating and drinking. This spot ensures you an exciting nightlife, in super-sized eateries, discos, and clubs. A noteworthy segment of the change in nightlife in Delhi is Hauz Khas Village, an area in the southern part of the city which is a noteworthy fascination for youths. Hauz Khas Village is a standout amongst the most prosperous spot in Delhi. Delhi nightlife is simply incredible. Vacationer arrive at Delhi for endless night fun.


They call it the city that never rests for a reason in light of the fact that, only during the evening, the city wakes up. Mumbai is connected with style, big names, Bollywood and exclusive parties. Mumbai evenings are extraordinary, sensational and insane and it contends with whatever is left of the world with regards to nightlife. Numerous broadly and globally well known DJs, groups and famous people come here and perform. Mumbai the city of dreams has a shaking nightlife that charms the visitors from various parts of the world and arguably tops the nightlife scene in India for being an all season crowd puller.


Chandigarh’s nightlife is certain to furnish you with fervor and fun. There are loads of excitement venues of numerous types, everywhere throughout the city, so regardless of any place you stay, you are certain to locate some exciting nightlife. Punjabi music rules the dance club here, and in every nightclub you hit, you will hear a little bit of bhangra music here and there and the rest will be the hip hop songs by the Punjabi artists.